Grant gets it. Life isn't always easy. But as he says, "The power of music changes the world."  

His music is fun and engaging. He should know.

In 2018, he played over 60 shows and is scheduled to beat that in 2019!

His goal is for people to take a break from their worries, have fun, and just BE. 

Grant plays pop & rock music. He hand selects the songs for each show with a mix of covers and originals.

When leading a full band, he is often compared to artists like One Republic and Imagine Dragons. When solo, he often covers artists like Shawn Mendez, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Mat Kearney and others.

It all started for Grant when he was just a kid.

"I remember getting a small Casio keyboard for Christmas when I was 9. I started playing and I couldn't put it down. I took it to school and played in front of a few hundred classmates. Someone held a microphone up to the little speaker because we didn't have any other way to amplify it."

"Getting to make music hooked me for life. When I realized I could create a song that had never been heard before, I got addicted fast."

"That's when I understood what people meant when they told me, 'You didn't choose music. It chose you.'" 

One day an avid supporter heard a couple of Grant's songs and then dropped a heavy check in his lap – it was the beginning of his music career. 

"It has never been about the money for me. It's always been about the experience, the love, the hope, and the escape. The money just helps me to do more of what I love - make music and help people. And yeah, that's something I long to do every single day of my life...more time to make better and better music that connects with people."

Grant is pure inspiration - both on stage and in creating music. 

His mantra is, "Life is too short. Go for it!” 

When he plays live, he energizes a room with music. Through online streaming and downloads, his music touches the hearts of Pandora, Spotify, Amazon & Reverb Nation fans - just to mention a few of his streaming outlets. 

Grant plays live around northern Colorado, but is always looking for gigs that will take him new places.

And when he is not performing, he's a science teacher for 6th graders.

Those who hire Grant not only get a great show! They immediately help the world!

10% of all music, merch, and performing that Grant earns goes directly to provide fresh, sustainable water for children in African villages  - 

To book or find out more about Grant (solo or band) for an upcoming event, please click here.

For a free demo download of a few of Grant songs available please, click here.

-bringing fresh, sustainable water to African villages